FireGlass Calculator for Common Fireplaces

Calculator works for most average size fireplaces

Please make sure you read the important imformation on this page before heading to the online FireGlass Fireplace Calculator.

Fireplace Floor Layout

IMPORTANT INFORMATION about fireplace burner sizing

  • Plan to position your burner closer to the front of the fireplace than the back. Note that Ref B is roughly half the distance of Ref A. The reason for this is because the flames will be naturally drawn towards the back of the fireplace due to the way fireplaces are designed to draft.
  • Any C dimension should be no less than 4 inches. 6 Inches is ideal.
  • The calculator only considers H-shaped burners
  • The calculator works for trapezoid or rectangular fireplaces
  • Take your measurements in inches
  • Please take your measurements at the fireplace floor