fireplace burners

Fireplace & Fire Pit Burners are 100% Made in the USA out of Heavy Duty Metals.A wide variety of natural gas and propane (LP) burners are available.

Our Fireplace Burners are the  burners in today’s marketplace.

Our parent company is So-Cal Fire Pits. A company that accumulated years of experience before designing their own line of center-fed, heavy duty burners. Standard sizes were developed to fit almost any fireplace, and if your fireplace is unusual, we also have the ability to custom-fabricate a burner for a perfect fit. Whether we manufacture mild or stainless steel burners, we use heavy schedule-40 stock to ensure longevity.

Flame Symmetry Series by Exotic Flames

Our Fireplace Burners are designed and built in the USA to ensure the adherance to our high quality standards, including but not limited to heavy duty mild and stainless steel stock, precision drilled holes, hand-crafted welds and a V-hole pattern on most burners to ensure a natural-looking flame distrubution.

Made in the USA

The stock for our burners is sourced in America and the stock is cut, precision drilled, threaded and welded in the US by US workers.

Heavy duty design

Whether we are making a burner for indoor use (mild steel) or for outdoor use (stainless steel) we use heavy, schedule-40 stock.

Center feed

Unlike some other burner designs, all of our burners have gas feeds in the center to ensure flame symmetry across the length of the burner.

Dancing flames

Most of our burners are designed with V-drilled holes. This design pushes the gas out further from each leg of the burner, creating a dancing effect for the flames.

Competitively priced

Based on the heavy duty construction of our burners, they are actually underpriced. We would rather make up the difference in volume sales in order to offer a superior product at a great price.

Large selection

We have over 40 standard natural gas burner sizes, not including our sizes for LP burners. This also helps with cost as custom, one-off burners cost a little more because they take longer to build.

Burner calculator

Sizing a burner in a trapezoid fireplace can be a little tricky. Several years ago we created an online tool to ensure this process is simple, and more importantly, always accurate.

5 star support

We know how it feels to need support. Should you need help after using the tools we provide on our website, we are ready to provide comprehensive, timely email support.

Whisper gas connectors

Some fireplace burners already include a flexible connector. We use a certain type of connector that helps reduce or eliminate gas line noise in most cases.

The optimum size burner for you

Here are Some Examples of Our Fireplace Burners in Use

From ordinary, to downright extraordinary, our burners are used in every application imaginable.

Most burners get shipped to USA locations, but we also have clients in other countries.

h-shaped burner

See-through Fireplace using an H-Shaped Burner

Pictured is our fireplace burner and glass installed in a fireplace that was donated to a family appearing on Extreme Home Makeover - Home Edition. It was a Southwestern-style home with a charming, outdoor space for entertaining and included this large, see-through fireplace. In this case, we used an H-Shaped Fireplace Burner which was a perfect fit for this style of see-through fireplace. You can see what the H-Shaped Burner looks like by clicking the NATURAL GAS BURNERS link at the top of this page. You will see two styles of H-Shaped Burners on that page. We made one style specifically for trapezoid-shaped fireplaces and the other style for typical, rectangular spaces.

custom pan-style fireplace burner

Custom Fireplace with Pan-burner using an H-shaped burner inside the pan

Pictured here is one of our Custom Pan/burners. It was made to fit perfectly into a customer's fireplace. It was a manually-controlled pan-burner that was connected to a natural gas line. Keep in mind that it is not safe to manually control propane(LP) gas. If you are looking for a propane burner that is safe to use in your fireplace, simply start by clicking the link above, named PROPANE(LP) BURNERS. The Propane Fireplace Burners we carry have the necessary safety shutdown device included with them so you can sleep at night knowing you are using a safe product. You can marry several different top dressing materials to the included pan-burner fillers to suit your taste.

custom curved h-shaped burner

Custom H-Shaped Burner using a custom, curved, H-shaped burner design

This outdoor fireplace utilized a custom, stainless steel fireplace burner that was in the shape of an H but also fabricated as a gentle arc. The entire fireplace had a slight curve to it. This outdoor fireplace included a fully automated ignition system. The burner was embedded into some lava rock, and then FireStones were used as a top dressing over the lava rock to create a zen-style finish. The FireStones can be used as a decorative top dressing in both fireplaces and fire pits. FireStones can be purchased online at this Link.

custom round burner

Custom 360° Burner for a very unique, custom round fireplace

Built for a very high-end client, this custom fireplace required a 360 degree, custom natural gas burner so the flames could be viewed from any angle. It certainly turned out to be a stunning fireplace. As you can see, not all fireplaces are created equal. We can fabricate and supply many variations of custom fireplace burners to satisfy the vast variety of different fireplace sizes and styles. Currently, we only supply fireplace burners for fully vented fire features. Not sure if yours is fully vented? That is why we created the Fireplace Wizard. It is a great place to begin if you are just starting to learn about fireplaces, and trying to identify what kind of fireplace you have. To have any questions answered, simply use our Contact Us form to send us an email and we will respond (normally anywhere from a matter of minutes to a matter of hours).